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New 2012 Santa Fe Trails and Bikeways Map

Recent Actions:

Santa Fe MPO finalizing Bicycle Master Plan

The Santa Fe MPO has been working hard to develop a Bicycle Master plan for the Santa Fe metropolitan area. This Plan will serve to coordinate investments in trails and roads, establish common guidelines for design, construction and maintenance, and develop shared strategies on education, enforcement and encouragement of bicycling as a transportation choice in the Santa Fe area.

Download the latest draft of the MPO's Bicycle Master Plan.

"BICYCLES ARE VEHICLES" section added to the New Mexico Driver's Manual

Bike Santa Fe New Mexico MVD Manual Bicycles are Vehicles

Check out page 25 of the New Mexico's Driver's Manual! It now includes a new "Bicycles are Vehicles" section which contains pertinent information for both motorists and bicyclists about sharing roadways in New Mexico. Santa Fe's Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee (BTAC) Education Sub-committee drafted the new section. Sub-committee members include Cat Downing (LCI), Gretchen Grogan, Shelley Robinson and Lisa Miles (LCI & BSF President). A special thanks to BTAC, Tom Trowbridge of NMDOT, and Raul Alvarez and Mac Lewis of MVD.

Download Bike Santa Fe's "Bicycle Are Vehicles" Educational Postcard.
Keep an eye out for printed postcards in the near future!

City Council OKs Changes in Uniform Traffic Ordinance Related to Bicycles

In 2011, the Santa Fe City Council passed an ordinance strengthening bicycle-related provisions of the city's Uniform Traffic Code. The updates to the ordinance were drafted by members of the Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee (BTAC) - Frank Herdman, Gretchen Grogan and Lisa Miles. The new ordinance requires motorists to give cyclists at least 5 feet when passing. Other notable changes include more flexibility for bike parking and the elimination of required bicycle license registration.

Past Campaigns:


5 Feet to Pass - Bike Santa Fe

Bike Santa Fe's Five Foot to Pass bill, SB 124, was introduced by State Senator Peter Wirth.

SB 124 was vetoed by Governor Martinez on April 8, 2011.
SB 124 was passed through the House of Representatives with a vote of 33-22.
SB 124 was passed through the House Judiciary Committee with a vote of 8-4.
SB 124 was passed through the House Consumer and Public Affairs with a vote of 4-1.
SB 124 was passed through the Senate with a vote of 20-17.
SB 124 was passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee with a vote of 7-3.
The bill got a unanimous "do pass" from the Senate Corporations and Transportation Committee, and
was also supported unanimously by the Legislative Committee of the New Mexico Sentencing Commission.
Thank you for your phone calls and emails to these Committee members supporting SB 124!


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